Cleaning house for Boston.  KG gets to go to a contender.  Indiana gets some bench help.

Just because I can’t watch the C’s without Rondo.  The future looks terrible for them

LAL gets deep, TOR looks like a real team, HOU gets Howard

got to do something

I still believe that Pierce is a better fit for MEM than Rudy.  It would only be a 2 year experiment and they would get a capable replacement for Z-bo down the line.  Clearly MEM would make out in the deal, but TOR gets rid of Fields (who is good, but they don’t know how to use him) and they get a pretty good SF in the process.  BOS would get a couple of PG for this season.  They could easily trade one of them this summer if Rondo is ready to come back.  BOS would have to try and pawn off Jet and Lee for future draft picks.  I doubt they could get much for them right now.

Gives KG a chance at a championship.  Maybe a place he wouldn’t veto with his no trade clause.  JET could come off the bench.  Boston would get Hump, who would be a trade chip next year, Teletovic is interesting as a player.  He’d get run in Boston, so that’s something.

Would they do this just to get depth?  Would TOR do this to shed cap space knowing they wouldn’t keep Howard next year?  Maybe a sign and trade to fill out their roster in the off-season?

It’s already in the books.

This is the best they”ll get in return.

Dwight isn’t going to put in any effort in LA with the exception of complaining to the media.  Smith needs a change.  Minny could use a couple more white guys.  Metta back in New York!  Say Queensbridge.